grounded by Heather Laszlo Rosser

today, I watched
the red tailed hawk
swoop through the bare
trees, and wanted to fly.

I don’t know why now
or why not before
but suddenly, it’s
imperative that I know
something about flight.

do I ask someone?
boys dream of flying.
the fellow in the deli
probably knows. excuse me,
sir, what is it like to fly?

last night I walked down a narrow
passage in a charcoal sketch,
but like my young daughters,
I wanted up.

can we be too rooted to the Earth?

tonight I will ask the boy next to me
the one hiding out in a lean, sure man,
I will ask him, beloved, can I hold on
behind you on your way through?

Heather Laszlo Rosser is a New Jersey native and has been writing all her life. She holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Vermont and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Vermont College. This is her first published poem.

10 thoughts on “grounded by Heather Laszlo Rosser

  1. Yvette R. Murray

    A wonderful piece. Congratulations on your first published poem! This is the first of many.

  2. steve

    Congrats Heather! Delightful write. Especially loved how you see the boy “hiding” in your man.

  3. Jessica Jenns

    A glorious debut! Love the beginning and how this is the first published poem.
    The first sprout springing from fertile ground. More to come, I’m sure!

  4. Susan E.

    Wonderful! I loved the authenticity of your feelings and imagery. Congratulations on your debut!


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