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Classes coming soon to Fabulon — West Ashley!


Writing from the Heart
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the Month
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Serenity Center
820 Central Avenue
Summerville, SC
No Registration Required – Drop ins welcome!

Bring your journal, and your heart, to this bi-weekly writing workshop to learn techniques that will deepen your relationship with your journal and yourself and discover fresh new ways to approach your writing time. Each session will begin with a brief discussion of a meaningful piece of writing, such as an essay, poem, or excerpt from a memoir, which will be followed by a meditation or invention activity. Participants will then be invited to write a response in their journals. There will be at least fifteen minutes dedicated to writing time and participants may share if moved to do so.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • How to bring a sense of playfulness to our writing (and life)
  • Deepening our inner resources
  • Creativity through self-understanding
  • Overcoming writing blocks
  • Discovering how we limit ourselves (and stop doing so)
  • Changing neuro-pathways through writing


The Poet’s Took Kit
Five week online class

While this five-week course will focus on several of the most integral craft elements of poetry writing, it is suitable for writers in any genre. Whether new to the craft or a long-time practitioner, this online class will help you bring focus and new energy to your poetry.

Each lesson will center on a particular skill and will include sample readings and discussion of the week’s craft element. A selection of representative poems meant to spark lively discussion will be included as will a number of fun and engaging writing prompts.

Students are invited to write a poem each week in response to any of the readings or to a suggested writing prompt. While sharing is always optional, students may share their work with each other on a private discussion board. Students are also free to simply follow along with the weekly lessons.

Feedback on poems from me is available on request.


Week One: Drawing on vivid details and sensory images for your poems

Week Two: Creating surprising similes, metaphors, and other figurative images

Week Three: Narrative to imagination (moving from chronology to association)

Week Four: Reinvigorating syntax and sentences

Week Five: Serious fun with serious revision

Price: $20.00 for ala cart classes or $75.00 for all five weeks. Scholarships are available to students and recent graduates.

Send registration request to Lisa at


Creative Writing Extravaganza
Tuesdays, August 16 – October 4, 2016, 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Bliss Spiritual Co-op
1163 Pleasant Oaks Drive, off Chuck Dawley Blvd
Mount Pleasant, SC

No registration required! Attend all eight weeks or drop in when you can!

Come learn about or deepen your understanding of poetry, memoir, creative non-fiction, essay and short fiction writing. During this eight-week class, we will explore how the raw material of our life experiences informs our artistic expression and how we can develop those expressions into finished pieces. Each class will focus on a specific sample or style of writing from which students will generate their own work by responding to prompts, engaging in invention activities, and emulating the sample writing itself. Time will also be set aside during each class for students to read aloud from any new work they wish to share (always optional). All levels are welcome.

We will explore:

  • Imagination in prose and poetry
  • The music of the sentence
  • Forms of poetry (and why they matter)
  • Elements of narrative
  • The Lyric Essay
  • Flash fiction
  • Fun with metaphor, simile, and personification
  • Flash creative non-fiction
  • The role of the writer’s journal
  • How drawing helps writing
  • Deepening writing through awareness and meditation
  • Deepening awareness and meditation though writing
  • Establishing a regular writing practice
  • Working through fear of failure
  • Working through fear of success
  • The joy of revision
  • Revising life stories for empowerment
  • Deepening self-awareness and healing through writing
  • Deepening craft through self-awareness

Bring your journal, favorite writing instrument, and inner child!

International Women Writer’s Guild 39th Annual Summer Conference
Allentown, Pennsylvania
July 15-22, 2016

Personal Narrative and the Poem: Beyond the confessional or anecdotal, poems which come out of personal experiences, including traumatic encounters, major life events, and even everyday occurrences, are the most engaging to write, and the most interesting to read. This workshop will take a look at elements of story, structure, music, and imagination, and explore how they shape and inform a variety of poetic forms, keeping in mind that poetry need not be rigid or consist of stiff rhyming schemes, nor even have traditional line breaks or meter. Often, in fact, personal poems look and sound a lot like prose or lyrical essays.

Each day of this six-day workshop will begin with a discussion that is centered on a sampling of narrative, personal, and autobiographical poems or similar forms written by popular contemporary poets and writers. We will then move into a guided writing exercise designed to help participants mine personal experiences to use as the inspiration for a poem or other short form. Participants can expect a supportive environment and are encouraged to share, though sharing is always optional.