Author Photo 2019 AFounding Editor: Lisa Hase-Jackson’s debut collection of poems, Flint & Fire, was selected by Jericho Brown for the 2019 Hilary Tham Capital Collection Series, an imprint of The Word Works, Washington, DC, and was published in March of 2019. She is a graduate of the Converse College Low-Residency MFA program and the Kansas State University Master’s in English program.  Her poems have appeared in such literary magazines as Susquehanna Review, Midwest Quarterly, Sugar Mule, Kansas City VoicesPilgrimage, As/Us, Fall Lines, Blast Furnace, Sin Fronteras, I-70 Review and Southeast Review, to name just a few. They  have also been anthologized in People Poetry, To The Stars Through Difficulty: A Kansas Renga; and Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku & Haiga. She is the founding editor of Zingara Poetry Review and Editor in Chief of South 85 Journal. Currently, Lisa teaches part-time at the College of Charleston a full-time writer. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband Gary and cat, Olive.

Upcoming Readings and Events

  • October 8, 2019
  • October 11, 2019
  • October 17, 2019
  • January 27, 2019

Poetry Publications:

“January Respite,” Literary Mama, January 2019
“Curled Photograph,” Ekphrastic Review, May 2018
“Crazy Quilt,” Ekphrastic Review, May 2018
“Blue Willow,” Mother’s Always Write, April 2018
“Owl Survey,” Ponder Review, Spring 2018
“33rd and Southwest Trafficway,” Ponder Review, Spring 2018
“Shallow Roots,” Plum Tree Tavern, March, 2018
“It Happened at Southbrook,” The South Carolina Review, Forthcoming, Spring 2018
“This Town,” Kansas Time + Place, An Anthology of Heartland Poetry, Winter, 2017
“Vestigial,” I-70 Review, Fall 2017
“West of Here,” Heartland! – 150 Kansas Poems, May 28, 2017
“Conseula’s Sonnet,” Sin Fronteras, March 2017
“Mile Markers,” The Magnolia Review, July 2016
“Forecast,” The Magnolia Review, July 2016
“Carnival,” Blast Furnace, Summer 2015
“Junk Mail,” Fall Lines, Summer 2015
“Cesar Chavez,” As/Us: A Space for Women of the Word, October 2014
“Two Southwest Haiku,” Lifting the Sky Anthology, Dos Gatos Press, 2013
“Hope Chest,” Johnson County Public Library Poetry Website, April 2013
“Lonely Is,” Pilgrimage, Pilgrimage Press, March 2013
“Ruth,” Pilgrimage, Pilgrimage Press, March 2013
“Balloon Season,” 200 New Mexico Poems (, October, 2012
“Prairie Desert,” Sugar Mule: Women Writing Nature, August  2012.
“Radishes,” Sugar Mule On-line Literary Magazine “Women Writing Nature” issue, August 2012.
“Kansas Renga,” To the Stars through Difficulty, July 13, 2012.
“Prairie Rumors,Kansas City Voices, West End Press, November 2012
“Bluestem,” “Tuptim Thai,” and “Perfect As,” Blue Ships Creative Arts, April 2011
“Confused Articulation,” People Poetry Anthology, Diversion Press, Spring 2011
“Missed,” Subscribe Online Literary Magazine, Spring 2010
“Creative Pulse,STIR: Festival of Words Chapbook, Summer 2009
“Forty Acres,” Midwest Quarterly, Summer 2007
“Moonbathing,” Susquehanna Review, Summer 2005
“Born Blue” and “Moonlight and Night Owl,” Inscape, Summer 2005

Book Reviews

Sweet World by Maureen Seaton, Mom Egg Review, July 2019

My Girl’s Green Jacket by Mary Meriam, Mom Egg Review, November 27, 2018

Course by Athena Kildegaard, Mom Egg Review, August 30, 2018

Creature, Creature by Rebecca Aronson, Shadow Box Literary Journal, Summer/Fall  2012

When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd, September Unity Monthly Newsletter


An Interview with Sandra Beasely, Works in Progress

M.A. to M.F.A, Post-Post Graduate Reflections, Guest Blog for John Warner, Inside Higher Ed, August 16, 2015

“What We Talk About when We Talk About Poetry” (with Gary Jackson), South 85 Journal,, May 22, 2015.

“How Brian Setzer Found, and Kept, His Audience” South 85 Journal, Oct. 3, 2014 

Five Weird Ways to Get Writing Done,” Writers March,, March 25, 2014

“Five Tips for Retrieving Memories and Developing Your Memoir, SAGE, the Southwest Writers Monthly Newsletter, July 2012, reprinted as “Five Tips for Retrieving Memories” by Cate Macabe at This New, April, 2013.

“The Power of Limited Choice,Writers March,, March13, 2013

What we Talk About When We Talk About Poetry” with Gary Jackson, South 85 Journal, May 2015

How Brian Setzer Found, and Kept, His Audience,” South 85 Journal, October, 2014

Five Weird Ways to Get Writing Done,” Writers March, March, 2014.

The Power of Limited Choice,” Writers March, March 2013

Five Tips for Retrieving Memories,” This New Mountain by Cate Macabe (reprint of “Five Tips for Retrieving Memories and Developing Your Memoir” published in the July 2012 issue of SouthWest Sage.)

6 thoughts on “Masthead

  1. James (Jim, or as my Code Pink friends prefer -- Sally) Eilers

    I will send a message to Ms, Lisa Hase-Jackson by snail mail but perhaps you may forward this to her. Precisely at the time you were publishing my poem “The Mystery House,” my computer was no longer functioning, but I see it on a library computer — Thank you very much. As soon as my computer is fixed I will broadcast this news to my somewhat extensive mailing list and elsewhere. I just noticed that I may hear Ms. Hase-Jackson read a poem by a favorite, Sharon Olds, and now I will admit that I am 80 and in the thick of all the events in 1968 so I look forward to see if we experienced that time in the same way. I was in the S.F. Student/Wonder Strike but a self-effacing guy (which means that I was a good whistleblower for information useful to strikers. I see that I have not really explored your website, or was ignorant of it — I look forward to seeing more when I have a working computer again.


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