Bonfire of the Virtues by Jim Kotowski

What if Hope were to nose-dive from the highest sky,
Straight at a razor-sharp mountain ridge?
Would She give up on the way down—could She?

What if Faith entered that place
Where 9 out of 10 lay, sick.  dying.  rotting alive….?
The ruthless machinations behind?
Would She abandon her belief—could She?

What if Love faced
The hate of the helpless,
The hell of the heartless,
Ill will run riot?
Would She stop loving—could She?

What if Patience looked on as my greedy soul
Bullies one smaller and meeker to its will,
Piles food on food, and need on need?
Would She lose her patience with me—could She?

What if Peace stood witness
While gold-plated men
Butchered and spattered the red-hearted people?
Would She make war—make holy, righteous, gruesome war
On War—could she?

Should She?

Jim Kotowski has been writing poems and songs since his teenage years, and mostly squirreling them away in notebooks and computer files.  Sometimes, he ventures out to read/sing them in front of an audience, which is always wonderful.  His latest chap book is called Honing Sanity.

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