Very Quick Update from Seoul: First Days at Chung Dahm (South Korea)

We’ve been moved from the Casa Ville hotel in Samsung to the CoAtel in Gangnam Seoul and while we do not have a place to live yet, we are meeting with our real estate agent Monday morning. We will be working at the Chuung Dahm branch in Pyeongchon, just twenty minutes south of Seoul city limits. Right now, it takes about an hour to get from our hotel to our school, but we should be able to find a house (villa or officetel) within ten minutes of our branch.

Yesterday we visited our branch school, met our branch manager and a couple of head instructors, which did a lot to calm my nerves. It appears we will be in a pretty supportive environment and will get lots of tips and constructive advice about our preparation and delivery of lessons.

I am spending the afternoon prepping and practicing for my classes, so I’ll have to go for now. I just wanted to post a little something so everyone would know we are alive and survived our training (not everyone passed).

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Very Quick Update from Seoul: First Days at Chung Dahm (South Korea)

  1. Amy Fleury


    I hope things get smoother and that you’re enjoying the adventure. I love reading about what you’re doing. Miss and love ya, Amy

  2. Cecilia


    I have had you on my mind all weekend and am glad you are well! Everyone in the office misses you and wishes you all the best.

    I admire you for your strength and sense of humor and can hardly wait to read your next posting!

    All the best to you and Gary!


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