News Update From Seoul: Day Three (South Korea)

I’m reporting live from the 7th floor of CasaVille in the Samsung District of Seoul, South Korea. The current temperature is 85 degrees F. and the skies are partly cloudy. The humidity is somewhere around 200%, which begs for comparison with Florida rather than Kansas weather.

This is the beginning of our third day in Seoul and we are slowly but surely working things out. In just a few minutes, we will be shuttled to our Training Center Location in the  Kwangjung Bldg 4th floor, 18-9 Hwayang-dong, Kwangjin-gu, Seoul where we will begin orientation. The process today will only take a couple of hours and involves a test over Chung-Dahm policies, codes of conduct and, yes, grammar; the last subject of which caused me to wake up a 4:40 am this morning to brush up on my skills (remind me, what the f*** is a predicate nominative clause again?). Other items on the agenda for today include obtaining cell phones and bank accounts and finding out which Chung-Dahm branch in Seoul we will be teaching.  I think we will also secure an apartment or loft today (yay, finally a REAL address after two weeks of being essentially homeless!).

We’ve met three other Chang Dahm instructors here at CasaVille and have struck up a friendship. They will be at the orientation as well today and perhaps this afternoon the five of us will do something together.

Until then…

Annyong-hi ga-shipshiyo.

1 thought on “News Update From Seoul: Day Three (South Korea)

  1. Nadyah

    “(remind me, what the f*** is a predicate nominative clause again?)” awesome!!! i remember that feeling in stein’s grammar class.


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