Why “Zingara Poet?”

While considering a representative name for my new blog, I researched synonyms for “traveler” and found “zingara.”  Great word! I thought, and submitted it as my blog name. Unfortunately,  “zingara” was already taken.  I was pretty attached to the word by that point and wanted to utilize it somehow. Adding a number would have been easy, but I don’t really like user-names that include numbers and generally think they are tragically un-creative. So, I tacked “poet” onto the end, and while tacking on the word “poet” isn’t  terribly more creative than just adding a number, it’s still NOT a number. Plus, I like to think of myself as a “female traveling poet.” It suits my romantic personality and sort of reflects my tendency to take myself too seriously, despite criticism from folks who are less romantic and self-serious.  I’d like to add here that while these characteristics sometimes create obstacles to my writing success, I’m pretty much over tying to change my romantic, self-serious characteristics and am resigned to living in harmony with them.

Hope you enjoy my meandering musings in the years to come.

7 thoughts on “Why “Zingara Poet?”

  1. Susan J. Tweit

    Yay, Lisa! I’ll look forward to reading your traveling gypsy poet musings, and anything you chose to share. May this great adventure bring you and Gary the gifts of inspiration and a wonderful community of new friends.

  2. jeannie fagerstrom

    Congratulations on the new blog! I know you’ll enjoy posting about your experiences. While we’ll all miss you here, this is the absolute time to follow your heart and intuition.

    I wish fortune, peace and much Light and knitting as you start your new venture.
    I look forward to reading your blog and sharing your experiences with joy and wonder.
    Take care.

    1. zingarapoet Post author

      Thanks Jeannie. I am looking forward to writing about my experiences and sharing with others.


  3. Marcia Coty

    Hi there,

    I just watched part of a show I had TiVo’d several months ago on the new high speed train in South Korea. Apparently, it took (or will take) six years to build, including over 40 (I think) tunnels through granite mountains AND 100 bridges, all using new, extremely fast methods and very interesting technology. Like it only took three days to build a whole bridge that would hold the new many-ton giant trains (I can’t remember the weight, but it was amazing. I haven’t finished watching it yet, but you might want to look it up. I think it was on PBS. I can get the name of it for you if you’re interested.

    Your description of how you picked your blog name was amazing. I love the way you describe things.

    Hope all is going well.


    1. zingarapoet Post author

      I’ve hear a little something about the rail system you are referring too. Maybe I can get the DVD you mention from the library and take a look at it before I go.

      Thanks for your compliments and support!


  4. Marcia Coty

    I finally finished watching the one-hour documentary on the train. It’s the KTX and was built in an amazing fashion in a very short time from Seoul to Busan and has revolutionized travel in South Korea. It goes over 300 mph if you can imagine.
    I’m sorry to hear about all your visa requirements and the mixups.
    Once you get there, you can just breathe a sigh of relief and start your new life. Right now, you’re probably actually holding your breath instead.
    Talk to you soon,



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