Listening To Poetry That I Don’t Understandby John F. McMullen

I sit in the audience
and listen attentively
trying to make sense
of what the poet
is reading.

I wonder whether there is anyone
who doesn’t understand what I write
I think not because I write very
clearly (or so I think).

Others may write about important
issues but in such unclear poetry that
I am not able to grasp their meaning.
Why is that, do you think?

Is my lack of comprehension
the fault of the writer or of me?
I clap anyhow.

After all
they clap for me.

John F. McMullen is a writer, poet, college professor and radio host. Links to other writings, Podcasts, & Radio Broadcasts at his web home,, his books are available on Amazon (, he may be found on Facebook, LinkedIn & Skype as johnmac13 and he blogs at Medium — He is also a member of ACM, American Academy of Poets, and Freelancers Union

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