remnants by Bara Elhag

near an alpine singer
sewing machine
Earl Grey tea rests
near pattern parchment
mama picked one of these

burdas to unburden her mind
which regularly cliff dwells
what she makes is
not as relevant as

sweet ’n’ sour chicken
featuring my cup spilling
for dinner, table clean now

downstairs, antique lace lives to the
morning along with
gauze and cotton
in an embroidered “organized” blue basket

I think that basket was lost in a move.

Bara Elhag was born in Alexandria, Egypt in January 1996 and has spent most of 9 years living half in Minnesota and half in Egypt. He received his high school diploma from America  and graduated from Rutgers University in 2018. Bara is currently pursuing a M.S. in biomedical sciences and has a good family, wonderful friends, loves soccer, hummus, and jalapenos. He also treasure traveling and spontaneous journeys to NYC, when his bank account allows for it.


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