“Floating World” by Marian Olson

Floating World

Raven lands on the tallest pine,
a sentry at his post,
so orderly and calm
at the end of the day,
enough to make you believe
chaos is illusion.

The great tsunami has returnedfloating-world
to its source, and the ocean
glows with a gentle pulse
in the sweet light of dusk.
Yet who can forget this morning
when the earth’s plates shifted
and believe once again
in the Garden of things?

the moon rises
      the moon sets
            this floating world

Marian Olson, the author of seven books of poetry) lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Desert Hours (2008) won top recognition in both the Haiku Society America and the New Mexico Books Awards. Consider This (2012) won first place in the e-book competition of Snapshot Press in the U.K.


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