Before Valentine’s Day by Kathamann

My clumsy suggestion lilts off my tongue
before any caution is exercised.  It closely
appears to clutch at palpable implications
thickening with its weak composition
and becoming courage.  The twisted
failure bends and shifts into my latest
list of blown communiqués.

I quell the urge to carry the heavy roar
of human impulse, worthy though they
may be, of robust vigor.  Guided to the
opposite, I sense minor implications reflected
with high gloss.

Keeping the cosmic sparrows from predicting
grim behind-the-scene news stories, a mere
move may generate chaos.

I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer/Afghanistan and a retired registered nurse.  I have been active in the Santa Fe arts community for 30 years exhibiting in juried, group and solo exhibits.  (  My poems have occasionally been published in local and regional anthologies.

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