Making Do by Bruce McRae


Fighting injustice is one thing —
but I’m not sleeping with the enemy.
Not this time, cookie.

One argues for one’s rights,
and then a crisis comes along,
altering the landscape,
upsetting the natural balance,
and, generally, putting the boot in.

Oh, you can wring your hands
as if they were dirty rags
in a bin at a service station,
but this is bullroar, brother.

Just because something is broken
doesn’t mean we should fix it.

Pushcart nominee Bruce McRae is a Canadian musician with over a thousand poems published internationally, including, Rattle and The North American Review. A new book has just been released, An Unbecoming Fit Of Frenzy, and his first book, The So-Called Sonnets, and both are available on Amazon. To see and hear more poems go to ‘BruceMcRaePoetry’ on YouTube.


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