That Little Leaf by Rebecca Oet

Sheep, grazing in the fields,
each one’s nose following the other’s furry tail.
We are like these cloud brained sheep, numbly following the shepherd.
Me, I was the same, sitting at a stained, cracked desk typing away.
My window was open,
and a leaf drifted through,
the type of leaf that seems to be the same as any other,
but I saw it anyway. I got up,
my keyboard falling,
falling and splintering on the drab carpeted floor.
My eyes are spinning,
swirling now.
The leaf goes back out the open window,
and I chase it, right out the window.
Now I have my quest, and I follow it diligently,
skimming over the oceans, and soaring above the earth.
I am carefree,
Until I see you. Just that one glance of you disrupts all of my work,
you have deadened me.
My little leaf soars away, and I do not follow.
You, with your jacket flying in the wind, I can’t get you out of my mind.
You are beautiful, and strong, and clever too.
You are my highest idol, and I need to meet you, I scramble over the underbrush, desperately seeking you,
but you are forever unattainable.
But taking a glance in the mirror, I finally see.
The you I was seeking, is me as I should have been.
I cast off my wings, and plummet back to earth to join you.

Rebecca Oet is a student from Solon, Ohio, USA.  She enjoys reading, writing short stories and poetry, and of course, taking pictures. Rebecca is a national silver medalist in the 2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and has won multiple awards for her writing and photography. She often fantasizes about growing wings and flying through the air.

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