“Phoenix” by Odarka Polanskyj Stockert

on the cusp of morning
a new day a new

cleared of fog and snow
you rise
a phoenix
renewed and recreated

the winds blow across your wings
ruffling you feathers
and the sleet
taps out your name

you rise above the trees
see clearly for the first time and survey
the whole of your world
finally alight upon a
barren branch

and sleep
and dream
what words
will not portray

Odarka Polanskyj Stockert is a New Jersey native poet and and long time member of South Mountain Poets. She is also a long time collaborator of the Yara Arts Group, resident at the La  Mama, etc. in New York City and has performed in many Yara poetry and experimental theater events and productions. Odarka is a harpist, poet and songwriter, an engineer and inventor.  She lives in Millburn, with her family.  Visit her Website: http://www.myspace.com/odarkasharp.

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