Questions Poetry Prompt

Thanks to Rebecca Aronson for today’s awesome prompt:

Today’s prompt: a question poem.

For this poem, write only questions. Let each question lead your mind to the next question–these can be as loosely or closely associative as you feel like. The questions need not be answerable, but they should feel to you like real questions. I suggest at least ten questions on the list.

(once you have a list of at least ten questions, you might find that the list is a kind of poem itself, or you might decide to choose one or more of the questions, or their possible answers to write from.)

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Questions Poetry Prompt

  1. Roy Beckemeyer

    Interesting exercise. Here is my stream of consciousness series of questions with just one moved to a different place in the sequence. I think it makes at least the beginning of a poem.

    Is the harvest moon swollen?
    Is the air pregnant with promises?
    Does your belly stir?
    When will the chill sweep
    down on us again?
    Will Orion bring ice in his wake?
    Will the third apex of our being
    form a love triangle?
    WIll the seasons really change
    three times before we know?
    WIll my hands hold a child
    as tenderly as they caress
    your belly? Will our love
    then increase by
    apportioned measures?
    Is that sudden pressure
    against my palm
    an answer?

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