Poetry Prompt: April Fools

“The fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
~William Shakespeare

For this the first day of April, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day, write a foolish poem. Feel free to interpret this prompt broadly. For example, perhaps for you a foolish poems suggests writing about a past foolish endeavor, a foolish game or plan, or perhaps it simply  suggests utilizing foolish language and silly words. Alternately, maybe it suggests writing about fools, and there are many of those from which to choose. There is the quintessential court jester, the fool in love, the foolish student, any number of fools (or foils) in Shakespeare’s works, even the foolish raven (fox, cat, frog…) of Aesop’s fables. If none of these strike your fancy, consider writing a poem about the origins of April Fools, which is vague enough to encourage fanciful (foolish) interpretation.

1 thought on “Poetry Prompt: April Fools

  1. Eve Hall

    Agony, not Ecstasy

    A day has gone
    A week has passed
    A month will soon be over.
    I can’t last much longer
    I am getting weak at the knees.
    My heart is missing your love
    My body is missing your touches
    My mouth is missing your kisses
    My ego is missing your compliments.
    My conscience is tearing me to pieces.
    I need to ask you something.
    I need to ask for…

    (c) 2005 Eve Hall



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