Letter from Anyang, South Korea: Missing America

Lately I’ve been missing small-town life. Oh, not the small-mindedness and lack of vision that is often characteristic of living in small communities, but the simpler pleasures. Things like tulip festivals and poetry readings attended by the same five or six people at the neighborhood coffee shop. Maybe it’s a reaction to the rash of recent Face Book postings and photos of families engaged in family-type activities that are particularly suited for spring; or maybe it’s from living in a city that is more densely populated than anywhere I have lived before. In any event, with only four-and-a-half months to go on my teaching contract I am looking ever forward to setting my feet on familiar ground and living among familiar people.

2 thoughts on “Letter from Anyang, South Korea: Missing America

  1. Casey

    Facebook is a mess of information layed out in a very impersonal format. Veiwing the feed tends to bum me out at times.
    I can relate to the nostalgia, I’ve been missing the pleasures of a simpler life.
    The experience gained from your challenging saga should be very rewarding, and fun to think back on when you have returned to your comfort zone 🙂
    Much love and big kisses


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