Fourth Saturday in South Korea: Getting Acquainted

I’ve been in South Korea for about three and a half weeks now and so much has happened in that time that I hardly know where to begin. This is the first time I’ve really had time to reflect on my experiences so far and formulate any kind of real opinion. Up until this moment, I’ve had to rely on quick reactions and sometimes very basic survival skills. I’ve met some great people and a couple of real assholes too; faced overwhelmed, overworked students whose accents are so strong I could not understand them; gotten up in the early hours of morning to prep for classes; and wished a million times I had not left my comfortable home in Albuquerque.  But I persevere and have even begun to feel like I can make a place for myself here, even if only for a year. This belief is drastically different from the one I held only three days ago when I was certain I would have a nervous breakdown If I didn’t have a plane ticket back home in my hands before the day was out. I really don’t know how I moved through those feelings except by paying close attention to my breath and reminding myself that nothing and no one here can truly hurt me. I look forward to sharing some of the details of my first three weeks here as some of them are truly hilarious and some quite frightening. The best part is that these are my own true experiences of my own real-life adventure.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and messages of encouragement. You have no idea how truly helpful they have been!!!

3 thoughts on “Fourth Saturday in South Korea: Getting Acquainted

  1. Amy Fleury

    Adventures are full of fear and wonder. They make your life richer and your will stronger. I’m so glad you’re having one and sharing it with us! Love, Amy

  2. Sarah S

    Lisa – it’s just going to get better and better! And a year from now I bet you’ll be writing about how you’re so glad you had this experience and how you’re sad to leave (but happy that you’ll get to have pizza night with us in Phoenix…).


  3. John Vandermey

    You are blessed!! and a blessing!

    I’m glad to hear that you are choosing to enjoy your adventures, whatever they bring. A great attitude will carry you through a great many things.

    I love hearing about your travels! Keep posting! 🙂

    Be safe!

    We love and miss you!


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