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New Picks for the New Year

Misc iPhone 2015 025Welcome to 2016, y’all.

It feels great to have Zingara Poet back in rotation of this juggling act called the poet’s life. The last two and a half years have witnessed my move from the High Desert to the Low Country and finally, after years of agonizing over the decision, the completion of an MFA program; two major events that have taken a bit of a toll on the consistency of the publication of poetry picks.

Now I’m looking forward to a poetry-filled 2016 that will see the publication of a number of wonderful poems to Zingara’s Poetry Picks. Readers should look forward to a cadre of new poetry prompts designed to generate inspired writing, several new poet interviews, and, time permitting (in my schedule, I mean), a number few book reviews.

This year’s picks are seriously good and I’m forever amazed at the quality of poems submitted — I can’t even begin to express how much enjoyment I get out of reading them. If you haven’t heard, the deadline for 2016 has been extended until the last day of January, so if you didn’t get around to submitting your poems yet, there’s still time.

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Thanks for your support and HAPPY WRITING!

Submission News

I am nearly caught up with reading submissions. April and May submissions have been read and largely decided upon. If you submitted during those months and have not heard from me, I am either deliberating or trying to figure out how to format something on WordPress. I am still reading June, July and August submissions.

October’s theme is Ekphrastic poetry.

Thanks everyone for your patience, and happy writing!