Submission Guidelines: Zingara Poetry Picks

PLEASE NOTE: All submission through July have been read and responded to. If you sent something before or during July and have not received a response, feel free to send an email inquiry.

Zingara Poetry Picks, a weekly feature of the blog,, which has a loyal following and reaches a broad range of readers, is seeking submissions of previously unpublished poems (on-line or in print) for the website. Poems should be no longer than 40 lines, including stanza breaks. New, emerging, and established poets are all encouraged to submit and all submissions will be given careful consideration.

The suggested monthly themes are intended as guidelines; they should not be considered as rigid requirements. Creative and unexpected interpretation of suggested themes is encouraged and appreciated.

Published poets receive bragging rights, the chance to share their work with a broad audience, and the possibility of having their work included in a future print chap-book anthology. Send up to three poems and a 20-30 word biography  (written in the third person), as a Word Document attachment, to Be sure to include the theme in the subject line of the email. Only one poem per poet may be posted within a 12 month period. The editor reserves the right not to publish a poetry pick on any given week. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.

A note on formatting: poems that contain lines which are flush with the left margin are more conducive to publication on a blog site than those which have unconventional indention or unusual margin settings. Likewise, poems which feature long lines may require additional line breaks or may require the right-scrolling function to be viewed in full.

Themes for 2014


August: Conceptual poems that work (including language poetry)

September: Open

October: Ekphrastic Poem (on art OR an object) or Ode

November: Send your best lyric poem!

December:  Send your coldest poem – you get to interpret “cold.”


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