Need a Writing Coach?

  • Do you want to begin a consistent writing practice but aren’t sure how to start?
  • Does your current writing practice feel like drudgery?
  • Are you having difficulty finding quality time to write?
  • Does taking time out to write make you feel guilty?
  • If too many days go by without quality writing time, do you feel irritable and grumpy?
  • Do you wake up nights arguing with your inner editor/critic?
  • Are you worried about what others think or say about your writing?
  • Do you have several half-finished stories, essays, or poems stashed away in your closet or computer hard drive and aren’t sure what to do with them?
  • Do you enjoy writing and wish to do something more with it?
  • Is the writing life not what you’d thought it would be?

The internal critic often shows up in ways that cause us to write around subjects deserving of deeper engagement or forcing us into complacency in which no writing is done at all. While it is natural to gravitate towards the comfortable, this habit can stunt our growth. We find that we are using the same practices and self-talk methods to force ourselves to write in turn resulting in feelings of failure and lack luster writing. By learning to befriend our internal critic we can develop greater confidence to expand our horizons and create meaningful work.

Whether you are finishing your first (or next) book or simply want to add depth and meaning to your personal writing, I can help you clarify your vision, hone your focus, and bring greater interest to your projects.