Daily Archives: April 1, 2018

“When Freedom Fails Me” by Lisa Masé

Because I have died and been reborn,
because rarely, I get to glimpse the calm
that precedes worry,
I take the beauty way home today.

Once, I trusted some safety beyond myself
as my ear pressed against your broad chest
to hear another steady beat.

I am left with my own heart
leaning into a sunflower
that beams yellow
from its head of diamond nectar.

When did it ever go easily?

Maybe as a baby,
before my spirit remembered fear
and started clutching at time’s skirts
as they swirled
to let thoughts wrap me
in their brocade of desires.

Lisa Masé has been writing poetry since childhood. She teaches poetry workshops for Vermont’s Poem City events, co-facilitates a writing group, and has translated the poetry of writers from Italy, France, and the Dominican Republic. Her chap book, Heart Breaks Open, was published by the Sacred Poetry Contest.