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14 No Fee Chapbook Publishers

Found this handy list of no-fee chapbook publishers on Trish Hopkinson’s WordPress site and wanted to share. Lot’s of other great information here, too:

Trish Hopkinson

The individual listings below are the chapbook publishers I found which do not charge submission fees, reading fees, or contest fees. The majority of chapbooks are published via contests and do typically require a fee from $10 – $25. Research each market thoroughly and make sure submitting is worth the fee. Many will provide prize money along with several copies of the chapbook for you to sell and otherwise promote your work.

The Chapbook Review is a great resource for all things related to chapbooks–including listings for:

They also provide online forms to add listings to their database, including your own published chapbooks.

For information on putting together your chapbook file to print some yourself or to have them printed, click here.

To check out my online chapbooks, click here.

14 NO FEE Chapbook Publishers…

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