Daily Archives: November 16, 2016

Candlemas by Mary Dudly

Larkspur lace greens the garden
daffodil snubs push up
through the light snow dust
fat leaf buds stud the lilacs,

but earth’s still in winter’s hold
half way between the shortest day
and the first of spring.
Still cold.

Remember Bridget in fields just plowed
hallowing the new growth
and Simeon in the temple’s crowd
celebrating the new hope

Assemble then the candles,
newly blessed,
along the table’s length.

Let their light
with the Full Snow Moon’s
illuminate the dark night,
all the winter
that remains.

Mary Dudley received a master’s degree in English from SUNY/Stony Brook before moving to Albuquerque, where she earned a Ph.D. in child development across cultures from UNM.  She has worked with young children and their families for many years.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications.