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“Honeymoon Words” by Basil Rouskas

In the fifth morning of their
Caribbean honeymoon
“Do you still love me”
she asked checking
a new swimsuit in the mirror.

“Of course I do” he said
and rolled his finger down
to a new text message
on the screen of
his smart phone.

Their honeymoon suite
flat panel TV (on the mute mode)
silenced the words that
ran down the screen on
Heidi Klum’s face.

And they didn’t share
another word until their server
came to their breakfast table
to help them sort out the words
on their menus.

Basil Rouskas
All rights reserved

Basil Rouskas’ first chapbook Redrawing Borders was published in 2010 by Finishing Line Press and drew favorable reviews in the Journal of Hellenic Diaspora in 2012.