Daily Archives: April 10, 2013

“Fleeting Life” by Lola Eagle

Our days are bounded by our dream as night is bounded by the stars;
Our world expands or shrinks in size as it is seen through hopeful eyes.

Each hour of Life begins and ends in minutes that so soon are gone;
To capture one and hold it fast is but a whim and cannot last.

The golden minutes we would keep are fleeting just as all the rest;
The mournful minutes stretch and grow; yet sixty seconds each they hold.

When nighttime flees we come awake to find another chance awaits;
The morning brings us hours to use; how they are filled is ours to choose.

With hopeful hearts our days evolve from black of night to bloom of day;
And whether such is gold or bleak depends on how we act and speak.

Thus, form your day howe’er you will, for what we do reflects our soul;
Giving to others what we seek returns to us a Life unique.

Lola R. Eagle is a free-lance writer, author and poet living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Her work has been published in national magazines, anthologies, and on-line sites, as well as her own books — From the Eye of an Eagle and More Visions in Verse.”