Zingara Poetry Pick: What the Girls Do by Sarah McBee

Zingara Poetry Picks are concerned with discovering and highlighting works of lesser known poets and, occasionally, lesser known poems by better known poets. One source that is proving more and more invaluable in this pursuit is the many new and upcoming literary and creative arts magazines out there in the literary world. Within the pages of these periodicals, digital or pulp, are solid pieces of work that, for whatever reason, do no get the exposure they deserve.  Further attractive about these magazines is that their contributors aren’t always of the predictable MFA pedigreed background, or at least work to actively defy what such pedigree often suggests about the quality and style of today’s poetry.

This week’s Poetry Pick comes from one such literary publication: Anomalous Press.

Anomalous Press was first published in March of 2011 as a non-profit press, they describe themselves as “dedicated to the diffu­sion of writing in the forms it can take.” The editors of Anomalous Press “keep an eye out for compelling projects that, in any number of ways, challenge expecta­tions of what writing and reading should be.”

Here, then, is this week’s Poetry Pick:

What the Girls Do
Sarah McBee

We bring you back
to our painted rooms,
and our Denim Dreams nail polish,
open cans of macadamia nuts,
pour Jack over ice into jelly jars.
Sometimes we unzip $100 jeans
or twelve-inch mini-skirts.
And sometimes we play
Stevie Wonder, then turn it off
and put our clothes back on.
We walk you out the next day,
forced to roll our own joints
and cook our own breakfast.
We water the plants
in a fit of productivity,
sort our magazines into like piles,
move scraps of paper from bureau to coffee table.
But when the light through our blinds
goes from gray to yellow to gray—
we will pull on boots,
lock our doors,
and hear the wind sing through
our dangly earrings.

Sarah McBee was born in a log cabin in West Virginia that she helped her father build. She now lives in Massachusetts.

Anomalous Press

At the time of its launch, Anomalous is an online publication, available in both visual and audio forms on various platforms. It has its sights set on publishing chapbooks, advancing audio forms and creation, and sup­porting all sorts of alternative realities of the near future. To learn more about the publication, subscribe or submit something, find them at http://www.anomalouspress.org/

You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter

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