His Brazen Hair by Rita Ann Higgins

This week’s poem by Rita Ann Higgins can be found in the spring 2011 issue of Ploughshares. According to the Contributor’s Notes in the back of the spring issue, Higgins has nine publications to her name. A tenth book is forthcoming in 2011 and will be published by Bloodaxe Books. Higgins, a resident of Ireland, is described as “a literary outsider” and has a gutsy, dramatic voice. In an interview with the Sunday Independent dated March 16, 1997, Higgins acknowledges her discomfort with attention stating that she feels “nervous about being misrepresented, misquoted or made bigger than [I am]…media attention doesn’t contribute to [my] writing, and it’s certainly not applicable to my life.”  Read the aforementioned interview and learn much more about Rita Ann Higgins by visiting her website at RitaAnnHiggins.com

Now for this week’s poetry pick:

His Brazen Hair

A Brian Bourke Nude

I was looking at the Brian Bourke exhibition
in the Fairgreen Gallery.
Outside, a man lay collapsed on the ground.
It was freaking people out
they kept coming in telling the person
at the desk about the man on the ground.

 After a while the guards came,
they were wearing blue gloves.
They knew the body on the ground.
They poked him with the blue gloves.
Get up Gerry, get up outta that.

Don’t you know
there’s an exhibition on in there Gerry
and you are making a right exhibition
outta yourself out here.

Gerry didn’t you know the Arts festival was on
he didn’t know about Brian Bourke’s nudes.
Otherwise he might have washed his face
patted down his brazen hair
pulled himself together.

Ploughshares is a publication of Emerson College and is available by subscription here: Pshares Susbsriptions

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